Searchable Torrents Soon?

Written by Jason Cundall

May 23, 2005 | 13:53

Tags: #bit-torrent #bram-cohen

Hot on the heals of 'trackerless' torrents, the people behind the popular anime / file / porn / bootleg movie / warez* download protocol are set to release a free search tool that will make it easier to find that big eyed schoolgirl / file / filth / Episode III / cracked application* you're after:

Whiz kid inventor Bram Cohen and a small cadre of developers and entrepreneurs are in the final stage of launching an advertising-supported search engine dedicated to cataloging and indexing the thousands of movies, music tracks, software programs and other files for download over Cohen's popular BitTorrent protocol.

The free search tool will be the first large-scale commercial offering from BitTorrent, a five-person company headed by Cohen that so far has drawn most of its revenue from T-shirt sales and PayPal donations.

More from Wired.

It's all go at Bit-Torrent, eh? The only thing I can see people really complaining about the tool is the advertising in it. But hey, I'm sure it won't be long before you're using the advert laden version of the tool to search "torrent-space" for the inevitable cracked ad free version...

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