Sun holds press conference in Second Life

Written by Ryan Garside

October 13, 2006 | 12:25

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We've seen people make their fortune from Second Life, seen Duran Duran play a concert in it and now it would appear companies are using the MMOL (massively multiplayer online life) to hold conferences.

Sun, the company responsible for Java amongst other things, has launched what it is calling the "Sun Pavilion" within the game of Second Life. The company invited around 50 journalists to the first online event, to listen to Chief Researcher John Gage discuss Sun's future strategies and its commitment to the online community in general.

Apparently the inspiration for the move was down to Sun's desire to incorporate more people into its press conferences. At the moment their Javaone developer conference can only host around 22,000 people. Using Second Life the hope is to increase that availability to a vast amount of people. The online game already has around 700,000 registered users.

Is this a publicity stunt? Probably, but who cares, it’s a pretty good one. A rather amusing tale about the event comes courtesy of Internet News:

Rosedale's (or Philip Linden, as his avatar is named) appearance was more distinct as his avatar was briefly naked (in a G-Rating kind of way). He explained that when too many people are online and the system is taxed, there can be a delay in seeing clothes and the frame rate can drop to ten frames per second.

What will be the next stunt in Second Life? Predictions in the forum please.
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