Second Life equals second chance for Duran Duran

Written by Ryan Garside

August 9, 2006 | 13:10

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Duran Duran, the successful British musical act, is planning to rent an island in the virtual world of Second Life and perform their first virtual gig.

The band, probably inspired by this U2 Second Life video, are not the first to utilise the web. Sandi Thom, famous for her recent release "Wish I was a Punk Rocker", performed the 21 Nights from Tooting tour, a webcast gig recorded in her own basement flat.

The Duran Duran stunt is fairly different, with keyboardist Rhodes describing it like this:

"When I started looking at the figures running around, chatting and interacting, I thought this is somewhere between a bizarre virtual reality TV show, a surreal real-life experience and a video game.

Somehow the amalgamation was just irresistible - what became obvious was that Duran Duran should have a presence within there."

He goes on to ask Duran Duran fans to turn the island into a "fully functional, futuristic utopia". A bit far out you might think but Duran Duran really are taking this seriously adding:

"We are hoping to give the crowd that come to the virtual concert a real immersive experience, so they can interact with us and react while we are stage."

The Second Life world has done some pretty remarkable things in its short time, we've covered a lot of it including questions over virtual property and who knows, maybe a year from now we will see more controversy over people selling their virtual gig concert tickets on eBay at inflated prices. Perhaps Second Life will become an extension of MySpace – anything is possible.

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