Police use games to stop crime

Written by Ryan Garside

May 22, 2006 | 15:54

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In an effort to stop the youth of today from becoming the criminals of tomorrow, West Yorkshire Police has teamed up with Dubit to create a game that encourages positive community-based behaviour in children.

Inspector Janet Balance, the force’s school officer, was highly enthusiastic about the scheme:

"The young people will learn that they can contribute positively towards their community, avoid stereotyping and the prejudices around this. All of this is done in a very fun way and requires good IT skills and decision making to successfully play the game."

The game, which is surprisingly enjoyable, can be accessed by all on the web here, and tasks you to help mechanics find their tools in the local council estate or help search for lost cats amongst other good willed deeds. Most interesting is the comparisons that can be drawn between this web based game and America’s Army, with both governments seemingly encouraging the use of video games to promote positive messages to the younger generation.

The question that this raises in my mind is when will the government sanction games for the older generation – expect ‘Paying Taxes is Fun’ game to be released sometime next year!

Are games a good medium for spreading positive messages to children? Let us know what you think about this scheme over in the forums.
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