Philips makes wireless HDMI

Written by Brett Thomas

January 12, 2007 | 14:29

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A lot of CES 2007 has been about the TVs (as you'll see in our upcoming feature article recapping the show next week). Home theatre is an incredibly important avenue for PC innovation, but all the 1080p TV stuff has left us a little shy of awesome PC launches. Of course, it's hard to live up to last year with Vista, Core 2 Duo, X-Fi and the 8800...but Philips still managed to develop something really geek-tastic - wireles HDMI.

The system passes uncompressed HDMI signals, thereby eliminating the worry of artifacts that could degrade image quality by compression. It operates in the 3GHz-4.4GHz range, so it doesn't interfere with either WiFi or most cordless telephones. Best of all, since it's radio transmisison, it requires no line of sight and works up to 25ft - the perfect transmitter for a projector set-up!

Of course, that's not to say it's without its downsides. The demo had a few kinks where it just couldn't pass the data quite fast enough, leading to one screen only being rendered most of the way down every so many frames. Also, because the device is radio-based, there is a potential for interference. Finally, it only works currently as a single input to single output - we'd love to see it evolve to being able to run multiple displays, or send multiple (switchable) signals to one TV.

The current version, pictured here, is pre-production - we're hoping they'll get these kinks ironed out before release, but it certainly looks promising. Do you have a thought on it? Drop it in our forums.

Philips Wireless HDMI

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