Nike+iPod kit adds Apple's Nano to essential training kit

Written by Wil Harris

May 24, 2006 | 12:27

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Apple and Nike are collaborating to bring out a new kit that will allow your iPod to give you status updates on your running.

Called Nike+iPod, the kit consists of a Bluetooth transmitter that slips under the sole of your Nike running shoes, along with a receiver that plugs into the dock connector on the iPod.

Connecting up will give you a new menu option on your iPod which will allow you to select music and playlists for different lengths of time, such as for a half marathon or a one mile run. You can pick music for the tough bits, and also listen to motivational quips from top athletes including Paula Radcliffe and Lance Armstrong.

The iPod will give you a readout of the time and pace you're keeping, whilst the transmitter in the shoes will also act as a pedometer, it seems, keeping track of the distance you're running.

Apple has updated the iTunes Store to include a Nike section, which has music and podcasts geared towards athletes for download. Nike is releasing a new selection of workout clothing with dedicated pouches for the iPod Nano. The first Nike shoes to work with the system, the Moire, will be out in July at around $100.

There's full details and screenshots of the system working over at Cool Hunting, so you should go check that out, then let us know what you make of this collaboration over in the forums.
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