Netscape 8: Not so secure as they thought...

Written by Jason Cundall

May 25, 2005 | 12:45

Tags: #fire-fox #flaws #internet-explorer #netscape-8 #security

There must have been some ass-kicking going on at AOL towers last week, after the discovery that the latest verison of Netscape had unpatched flaws in the FireFox portion of the dual standard browser - flaws that had widely reported exploits:

Just hours after the security-centric browser shipped, the company was forced to rush out a patched version to correct the gaffe. Netscape 8 is based on the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox code base, which means that security bugs in Firefox are likely to affect Netscape users.

However, three critical flaws that were fixed in the Firefox 1.0.4 update released earlier this month were never added to Netscape 8.

"The reason the original version did not have those patches was that we had been misinformed by an external security vendor we had retained that the Firefox 1.0.3 security issues did not affect us," America Online Inc. spokesperson Andrew Weinstein explained.

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There's already a patch for unsinkable sh... browser. You can pick it up here, and laugh at, sorry, discuss AOL's bad fortunes here.
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