Hacktivismo promotes anonymous, secure browsing

Written by Wil Harris

September 20, 2006 | 11:29

Tags: #anonymous #firefox

The guys at Hacktivismo have released Torpark, a web browser designed for portable, anonymous, secure web browsing.

Let's go through that. Hacktivismo is a group of guys that have grown out of the old hacking clan Cult of the Dead Cow. They claim to be fighting for internet freedom and human rights through technology.

Torpark is a web browser designed to be copied to a USB key, based on Portable Firefox. When the key is plugged into any Windows computer, you can launch the browser directly from the key. The browser doesn't keep any cache files or data on the host system, and it uses the TOR network to anonymise all your data.

What's TOR? It's short for the The Onion Ring. It's a security technology designed to anonymise your browsing by routing your traffic through a series of anonymous servers. This means that websites you access see your IP as coming from somewhere completely different from where you are.

Torpark also encrypts all your transmissions between your browser and the TOR network, which means that the ISP you are connected to locally can't see your data either.

This is great for times when you want to be completely anonymous on the net, especially if you happen to be in a country where freedom of speech isn't quite as universal as you might like it to be. It will also be useful if you regularly connect to the net in hotels or other public places where you don't want your details being left on computers for other people to grab.

You can grab Torpark here. Give it a whirl, then let us know your thoughts about it over in the forums.
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