HWLabs gets medieval

Written by Brett Thomas

May 4, 2007 | 08:42

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We're not big on posting rivalries here on bit -- honestly, sniping other sites or products (or broadcasting the mutual shootouts) isn't really industry news...it's usually just infighting. But once in a rare while, you get to see something so abjectly brutal and scientific...and all you can think is "d00d...pwn3d." Then it's news.

Such was the thorough thrashing given to Koolance by HWLabs.

Apparently, in an effort to promote its own product, Koolance, Inc. took a little bit of...shall we say, liberty...with the laws of physics, basic understanding of production, and reality in general. It released an "informative article" (which was viewable here until it was removed -- Ed.) discussing the "copper radiator myth" and why aluminium Koolance radiators are better than the BlackIce radiator.

Whether one product is better than another, of course, isn't the issue so much as the flat-out erroneous info contained. And so, Hardware Labs (maker of the BlackIce radiator) has laid out four very fatal flaws illustrating the poor research and understanding that went into the article.

The flaws, as quoted from the reply, went as follows:
"1) Copper and brass tube radiators are glued at the core.
2) Brass tubes degrades performance
3) Naturally occurring surface oxidation retards performance.
4) Aluminium radiators are superior in performance to copper/brass radiators.

To which we shall respond to all the major technical points in order of inaccuracy (the most ridiculous assertions first): ...

The points laid out in the response are interesting, even though honestly most people familiar with basic heat transfer would probably have questioned Koolance's logic anyhow. With the facts asserted, HW Labs has demanded a public retraction and apology from Koolance, as well as the removal of the offending page.

Are Koolance aluminium radiators better than HWLabs copper BlackIce line? Whether they are or aren't, that's probably for review sites like us to decide. But since Koolance was so nice as to determine it for everyone, the least we can do is snicker at the responses here in the forums.
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