Geek girls get BlackBerry buzz in annual awards

Written by Wil Harris

May 18, 2006 | 13:50

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Companies: #blackberry

Top purveyor of instant email, BlackBerry, is dishing out gongs to top women in technology.

The firm is hoping to get more exposure and acclaim for women who are embracing technology and using it to further their careers in the workplace and their own personal lives. According to research that the mobile-makers have commissioned, 75% of women under 35 say that top tech makes their lives easier, whilst 66% prefer to work for companies that invest in technology.

For many, email is a major part of every day life, and the BlackBerry has become an essential business tool (and a great way of organising personal jaunts, too). The promotion of women in technology is one way in which BlackBerry can showcase its wares.

The company said that "The BlackBerry Women & Technology Awards are divided into nine categories, recognising individual contributions made in the corporate, public, SME and academia sectors, as well the best female technology journalist. New to the awards this year are categories to recognise pan-European contributors, the best female entrepreneur and most promising woman in technology under 25. Organisations also have the opportunity to take home an award in a category recognising the company most committed to advancing female talent in technology. "

Are you a woman? Are you good with tech? Does the BlackBerry rule your every waking moment? Why not go and apply for a prize or two over at

When you've done that, let us know what you think of the device, and of your addiction, and of women in technology over in the forums.
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