Chief TWiT says 'netcasts' are the future

Written by Wil Harris

October 2, 2006 | 10:06

Tags: #leo-laporte #podcast #twit

Leo Laporte, creator and chief of the TWiT network, has won the Podcaster of the Year award at this year's Podcast Expo in Ontario, California.

He used his keynote speech at the show to call for a change in nomenclature - replacing the term 'podcast' with the more generic 'netcast'.

Leo posed the question: "Is podcasting the right name, given also Apple's asserting it owns the word 'pod' and is it good for Apple to be a monopoly in this?"

Anecdotal evidence suggests that consumers believe you need an iPod to listen to podcasts - whereas they can actually be listened to on any MP3 player or PC.

In recent weeks, Apple has been active in trying to protect the word 'pod' in reference to audio devices, believing that other companies are trying to grow off the back of the success of the iPod. Some believe that Apple wants to trademark the term 'podcasting', which has become a generic community term. Suggestions for replacing it include Leo's 'netcast' as well as 'audcast' and 'vidcast'.

We send our biggest congratulations to Leo for his award. You can check out This Week In Tech over at

Should Apple own the term podcasting? Do people really listen to podcasts on their PC? And should we replace the term with something more generic? Let us know your thoughts over in the forums.
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