Browzar accused of being adware

Written by Ryan Garside

September 4, 2006 | 12:41

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Last week we reported the launch of a new web browser 'Browzar' created by Ajaz Ahmed (founder of Freeserve). The new tool was launched to offer users private surfing. Since the launch though, the browser has faced a massive web backlash, with claims that it contains ad-ware and doesn't actually offer private browsing.

Blogs, like this one, have popped up all over the web claiming the browser does not perform as specified. Firstly, the blog claims that it is actually a fake browser – claiming the whole browser is built merely as a shell of Internet Explorer. The second, more sinister accusation, is that the browser contains adware.

The browser, which doesn't allow you to change your homepage, offers up its own search engine as the only option for the homepage. However, the search results it gives are often unrelated or bizarre, and when looking in the status bar the links go to, a pay-per-click advertising organisation.

Ahmed has hit back at accusations, claiming that: "This is not adware at all. Like every search engine, Browzar has sponsored advertising.". What he doesn't say is that other search engines distinguish between the adverts and the actually websites you are searching for, this has lead some bloggers to describe the browser as an 'adware machine'.

Bloggers have even attacked the browsers primary feature, that of keeping your internet browsing completely private – here is a round up of criticisms (load up Browzar to run these tests):Apparently there is an easy way to prove Browza doesn't work (if you're brave enough to install it) by following these steps:
    1. Enter IE, go to, logoff if necessary, close IE
    2. open Browzar, go, authenticate with your gmail account
    3. close Browzar
    4. open IE, go…. still authenticated!!!
The hype surrounding Browzar proves that there is a massive market for private net surfing, yet this product is not it. Our advice is to keep your computer well away from it.

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