Bill Gates finally gets college degree

Written by Brett Thomas

March 26, 2007 | 07:32

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Everybody knows that you'd better stay in school - after all, people who don't graduate from uni have been proven to earn less over their lifetimes. I wonder whether the people who conducted that study included the world's richest man, Bill Gates? The founder of Microsoft never did go back to earn his degree - but he'll have one now.

Mr. Gates will be presented his diploma from Harvard University on June 7, 2007. His trip will be two-fold - he's already scheduled to be at the university to give a commencement speech to this year's graduating class. This will be the 356th year for the university, the oldest in the United States.

Of course, Bill giving the commencement speech is a very ironic choice - he walked away from the exact same university 32 years earlier sans degree. He is still considered to be part of Harvard's graduating class of 1977, though it's doubtful the university thought so at the time. He had left as only a sophomore, to start a fledgeling computer software corporation out of his garage in 1975.

"His contributions to the world of business and technology, and the great example he has set through his far-reaching philanthropy, will rightfully put him on centre stage in Harvard Yard," said Harvard Alumni Association President Paul Finnegan. Of course, the university probably wouldn't have been so generous if Microsoft weren't that fledgeling software corporation - but it will set Mr. Gates' college history right with an honourary degree now. The university declined to give a reason why it waited 30 years before deciding to honour Gates, except that it "considers many honourary degrees each year." Apparently it must be a very long list.

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