AllOfMP3 now a political negotiating tool

Written by Wil Harris

June 6, 2006 | 10:42

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Popular music download service, AllOfMP3, is set to become a massive international hotspot of dispute!

Russia, where the service is based, is hoping to join the World Trade Organisation - the international conglomerate that regulates business around the world - this year.

However, America, under pressure from powerful (read: rich) political lobbyists with music industry affiliations, says that it will oppose Russia's bid to join if it fails to take action against the website.

This is a move that could have some fairly wide-ranging political implications!

The music industry says that the service is illegal, since it does not operate under international standard copyright laws. It's lawful in Russia by way of a legal loophole.

It really does seem like the days of the service are numbered, given that Russia is not likely to let one small operation stand in the way of such an important political goal.

This is a shame, since AllOfMP3 was a business that proved one thing - that consumers will pay for music on the internet, provided they can have it on their terms, without DRM. The music industry could do well to learn from this.

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