AOL goes after Digg

Written by Wil Harris

June 16, 2006 | 10:57

Tags: #kevin-rose #netscape

Companies: #aol #digg

AOL launched it's much-awaited 'Digg killer' yesterday, under its Netscape brand.

The 'new' Netscape is here, and it has a Digg-like voting up/down interface for reporting popular stories.

There are two main differences from Digg. The first is that there are a number of different channels from Tech, to Politics, to Sex. The second is that there are AOL-employed editors to give their 'expert' opinion to stories.

Digg is launching a new version of its site next week, with an improved user interface and a raft of new topic sections, including mainstream topics like world news.

The new Netscape site is the brainchild of Jason Calacanis, the guy that created the Weblogs Inc blog network (which includes Engadget), and which Calacanis sold to AOL last year.

Check out the Netscape site and let us know what you think of it over in the forums.
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