1337 Police hack Tony Blair's PC, download email

Written by Wil Harris

January 22, 2007 | 11:13

Tags: #cash #email #hack #police #tony-blair

Police looking into the 'cash for honours' scandal have told the press that they have been h4x0ring into Tony Blair's computer to look for evidence - despite the fact he is, famously, an email noob. Blair told reporters last year that he was only just starting to get the hang of email.

The fuzz went to Number 10's ISP to pull records on the email sent and received, as well as taking a more direct approach to getting in to some machines sat in the Prime Minister's residence. There are no details of how exactly the data was obtained, but the Sunday Telegraph says that 'computer experts' were used to get the data.

How insecure is the country's leader? I mean, are we pleased that the leader of our country doesn't have a decent enough security system that his emails can't be grabbed by whoever decides to have a go? I mean, passwords, firewalls, encryption? Maybe he needs to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate, with the firewall on by default and BitLocker enabled.

The Government is having an ongoing argument with the knacker over the treatment of its officials in the honours enquiry. They say that they are being unfairly treated by the police, whilst the police say they're just doing their job. This latest revelation won't exactly help the tension!

Is computer security really such a low priority for the Government? Let us know your thoughts over in the forums.
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