Nerf Gun Modding

Written by Joe Martin

June 30, 2010 // 9:43 a.m.

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Custom Nerf Guns

The disappointing thing about modifying Nerf blasters for most of us is that, when all else is said and done, you’re still fundamentally going to be left with a toy that shoots foam darts. It’s not going to hurt anything and it’s useless for anything beyond playing a drinking-game version of Russian Roulette.

As you can see below though, some Nerf modders tackle these flaws head-on – one modder has even added a working crossbow to his Maverick that fires custom-made foam darts!

Click any of the images below to enlarge them and don't forget that you can show off your own mods, be they of Nerf guns, PCs or anything else, in our Modding forums. Alternately, if you're just interested in looking, then the Project Log forum offers a more in-depth look at how most of the featured bit-tech mods are created.

*Nerf Gun Modding Custom Nerf Guns

Nerf Longshot


This Nerf Longshot by Deviant Artist TigerSharkIV doesn't seem to be modded so much as just redecorated, but it's still a thing of beauty. The green and black finish gives it a futuristic edge and makes this look like something ripped straight out of Halo.

*Nerf Gun Modding Custom Nerf Guns

Warhammer Maverick


This Maverick might look similar to the plan Black Maverick above, but it’s actually inspired by a Warhammer stubgun. The details include a fine brushing effect on the paint, as well as Warhammer emblems on the barrel.

*Nerf Gun Modding Custom Nerf Guns

Crossbow Maverick


This is the single mod which had us most excited, as it features a working crossbow attached to the top of the barrel, though it only fires it’s own safe darts. It’s part of a series of Nerf mods by Shagnasty Labs, who have dubbed this model the ‘Virama Malum’ – or ‘Evil Killer’.

*Nerf Gun Modding Custom Nerf Guns

666 Maverick


Another Shagnasty Nerf mod, the 666 Maverick includes a crucifix on the top barrel and includes custom foam darts. Shagnasty reckons this is the best weapon for killing the undead, though we’d rather stick with silver swords and stakes to be on the safe side!

*Nerf Gun Modding Custom Nerf Guns

Fragmentiser Maverick


With a chunky, though purely decorative, under-barrel attachment, the Fragmentiser is clearly meant to look like a more powerful Nerf model. We especially like the brass foregrip that’s been added to the side of the barrel to ensure a steady, stylish shot.

*Nerf Gun Modding Custom Nerf Guns

Nerf WMD


A more elaborate mod of the bigger Nerf Firefly model, the yellow and red makes this feel particularly intimidating and reminds us of G-Gnome’s WMD PC mod, previously featured on bit-tech.

The Nerf Firefly model is interesting in that it has the trigger and main grip towards the front of the gun, with a larger shoulder stock.

*Nerf Gun Modding Custom Nerf Guns

Red Steel Maverick


It may be smaller and simpler than some of Direct Threat's other mods, but this is still one of our favourite Maverick mods, purely because it reminds us of Judge Dredd's iconic Lawgiver pistol - something we suspect the original Nerf design was influenced by!

Nerf Chaingun

*Nerf Gun Modding Custom Nerf GunsSource

Created as part of a marketing stunt for Mana Energy Potions, this Nerf chaingun fires foam darts at a rate of 500 per minute and even includes an LED counter that ticks down the remaining shots! Alas, while it’s as fast as an M60, it’s not got the power to match.

Full build instructions for this Nerf chaingun are available - amazingly, it cost only $79 USD to make!

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