Fun With Lego

Written by Joe Martin

July 8, 2010 | 11:13

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The Best Lego Toys

Not everything about Lego has to be about working machinery with miniature gears and levers or elaborate artworks built out of millions of bricks. Sometimes it’s fine to just make toys out of the bricks, just as Lego intended all along. Below we’ve picked out some of our favourite unofficial Lego models for you to peruse – click to enlarge.

If you’ve got ideas for your own Lego toys then you can head over to the official Lego site, where there are now new tools for designing models online and having the bits shipped out to you. You can share your designs in the forums, if you really want.

*Fun With Lego The Best Lego Toys
Lego Steampunk Y-Wing

Designed and built as part of a competition based on downgrading classic Star Wars vehicles to steampunk technology, this Y-Wing even includes a repair droid built from a rubbish bin.

The fan-powered engines are evocative of the podracers from the Star Wars Film That Must Not Be Named, though we won’t dwell on that negative point.

*Fun With Lego The Best Lego Toys

Lego Warhammer

This Lego Warhammer model practically screams ‘bad-ass’. We think it’s the chains on the shoulder-pads that do it, as well as the gun-arm and massive chainsword, obviously.

It’s hard to decide which bit is best; all we know is that if we had the talent to build it, then we’d lose days just stomping it around our desks, crushing smaller mini-figs.

*Fun With Lego The Best Lego Toys

Lego Futurama

Good news, everyone! This Lego model of the Planet Express HQ from Futurama also includes a detachable Planet Express Ship and customised mini-figs that look like their cartoon counterparts. It’s a small addition, but our favourite bit is the head in a jar.

The creator of this design has pulled upon more than just the Lego bricks to create this model though - custom stickers have been used to give the model an authentic look. The best example of this is on the billboard in background which proclaims "Slurm - it's highly addictive!"

We’d love to talk more about how awesome this model is…we are already in our pyjamas…

*Fun With Lego The Best Lego Toys

Lego Dune

Simple and elegant, this little diorama takes us back to when we first read Frank Herbert’s Dune books as teenagers. From the krys-knife teeth of the giant worm to the comparable emptiness of the sand, this little scene may not have the same complexity as other models, but it compensates in ingenuity.

*Fun With Lego The Best Lego Toys

Lego Optimus Prime

Sure, you could just go out and buy a ready-made model of Autobots leader Optimus Prime, but isn’t it much more fun if you make your own? Not if you are Orion Pax, the creator of this model, who admits that it took him hours of effort and at least 'two sleepless nights'.

Why did it take so long? Because it actually transforms into a truck. Without needing to be taken apart.

*Fun With Lego The Best Lego Toys
Lego Tank

Making a convincing model of an M1A2 Abrams Tank is one thing, but creating one that’s actually remote controlled is another altogether. This Lego model is to 1/24 scale and has even been reinforced to withstand direct impacts – the creator claims to have dropped it multiple times, in other words.

Check out the video to see it in action.

Are you a Lego fanatic who can't stop building, or do you prefer to work with other tools, like K-nex and Meccano? Either way, we'd love to see your creations in either the Art or Modding forums!
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