EKWB 3090 FE Limited Edition GPU Block Teardown Video

Written by Alex Banks

April 16, 2021 | 18:20

Tags: #3090 #3090-founders-edition #analysis #founders-edition #gpu-block #limited-edition #liquid-cooling #machining #rtx #teardown #watercooling

Companies: #ekwaterblocks #ekwb #nvidia

Manufacturer: EK Water Blocks

UK Price (at teardown): £299.99 (OCUK, inc. VAT)

Buckle up for a long one folks, we've got a bit of deep diving to do!

I'd like to note that this is a product teardown and not an official review. I say this for a couple reasons:

  1. There aren't any comparisons with other similar competing products in this video, other than the Founders Edition air cooler
  2. This particular block was sponsored by EK for use in a project, this video is additional content that I thought might be interesting to the community.

It's always a little bit tricky with segments like these as I think it's important to draw a little line between them and the more stringent reviews of other products on this site. Hopefully this keeps things nice and clear for everybody! As such I'm not going to be placing awards on it or making outward recommendations as that seems a bit nebulous if you ask me.

Some Eye Candy

Now for conclusions and detail, I 100% recommend that you want through the video or skip to the relevant sections. However, some fancy pictures are in order I think as this block is stunning:

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