bit-tech Case Modding Update September 2019 in Association with Corsair

Written by Alex Banks

September 18, 2019 | 11:00

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Woah, woah, hold up, what happened to August? Well, fear not, we're simply renaming the Modding Update to make a little more sense. Mod of the Month by its very nature has to deal in arrears, since projects do have a defined point on the forum at which they're classed as completed. The Modding Update, however, deals with currently WIP projects, so it only makes sense to have them listed under the current month. So, don't worry, there will be the same number of Modding Updates this year as before, and nobody's missed out on a feature!

Additionally, I went through and updated our age-old guide on 'How to Write a Modding Project Log' so that it's a bit more in line with the current era. If you're looking to start a new project log for the first time or are interested in how you might be able to improve your current ones, be sure to give it a look!

One last change that will also be coming into immediate effect is how winners are decided in the event of a tie. Previously, we simply awarded a tied place, but beginning with this month, ties will now be put forward for judging internally with one project being chosen as the eventual winner. Hopefully this should help mitigate some of the more curious months where everybody gets the same number of votes.

At last, we come to the meat of the update, the projects! As you should expect by now, we've got quite the bunch of logs underway currently in the forums; these four are but a sample of what's on show. Fabrication seems to be the order of the day, with CNC routing, 3D printing, and welding all being put to good use. Let us know which projects tickle your fancy, and don't forget to leave feedback on the threads in the forum!

Entering our Modding Update competition is very easy. All you need to do to enter the Modding Update is to have a build log underway in our forum with the 'In Progress' prefix on your post. You can find out more here.

You can see the latest finished projects in Mod of the Month plus more modding and water-cooling features in our Modding Section.

Corsair will be giving one lucky modder a choice between a Triple Pack of LL120 series Double Light Loop RGB Black or White fans every month. In the event of a tie, an internal judging panel will decide which project comes out on top. To be in with a chance of being featured in our monthly Modding Update and winning them, all you have to do is post your build log in our forums.

The project log needs to be in bit-tech's forum. We can't promise to feature all projects, but everyone is in with a good chance of getting in.

Last month, the winner was Simple Case mk1 by S.PiC. Congratulations! We will contact you soon regarding the prizes.

We regret that Corsair's worldwide coverage with shipping no longer includes South America and Africa due to continuing issues with shipping to these locations. This is beyond our control, so we sincerely apologise to anyone in these areas, as we'll be unable to honour their prizes for the foreseeable future.

This Month's Contenders

Minimalistic by AKMod

Project J.A.R.V.I.S by Deblow

Assault Machine by Hardbox

Zv2 Desk by Zondorf

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