Series 3, Episode 7 - OnLive, Game Testing and Team Fortress 2

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September 7, 2009 | 17:36

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In the third gaming-only CustomPC and bit-tech podcast we talk about the theory behind OnLive, Sony's new PlayStation 3 reality TV show 'The Tester' and the controversies that have broken out around Valve's new anti-cheat measures in Team Fortress 2.

Moving on from that we recap on what we've all been up to lately, from playing with the Novint Falcon to taking a look at the much-delayed Battlefield 2 patch.
Series 3, Episode 7 - OnLive, Game Testing and Team Fortress 2 Gaming Podcast 3 - OnLive, Game Testing and Team Fortress 2
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On top of all that we discuss what the difference is between someone who delivers packages and someone who cooks curry for a living, why wolves are exciting and why we should never record a podcast before lunch. Alex and Joe also narrowly avoid coming to blows when discussing The Beatles: Rock Band.

We've also got all the usual prizes and competitions, plus we're asking you all for questions and ideas to be featured in the next gaming podcast - so send your queries to, or simply drop them in the comments thread if you haven't got the hang of all this 'email' malarkey just yet.
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