Monkey Island released for iPhone and iPod

Written by Alex Watson

July 23, 2009 | 10:30

Tags: #iphone #iphone-games #monkey-island

Before I leave the house each morning, I use my iPhone to check email - it's quicker to use my WiFi to download the message list than to try with spotty 3G on the train - and there was a message from Joe. He's just left for a well deserved long weekend on holiday. The message was titled: IMPORTANT.

He'd sent it at 7am this morning. Immediately, I wondered what was wrong.
Inside the email was this link.

Monkey Island released for iPhone and iPod

Yes, The Secret of Monkey Island is out for the iPhone, and it appears to be the same Special Edition - with the rejigged graphics and voice overs - as the desktop version we looked at last week. 351MB and £4.99; anyone tried it out yet?
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