I need something to get my teeth into

Written by Antony Leather

April 11, 2009 | 12:33

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So PC gaming isn’t dead. To be honest I’ve known that for a while. Even though previous reports had it supposedly well behind console gaming (mainly because they forgot a little genre called MMO, duh), those of us who are lucky enough to have a half decent PC with a broadband connection are usually aware there are things like Steam, and free online games like Desktop Tower Defence that more often than not, occupy way too much of our time to even think about giving any of the current generation of consoles a second glance.
However something is missing. Actually there are two things missing, the first being Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series that got axed in quite spectacularly unpopular fashion back in January. Idiots. The second is, well, a game that I can really get my teeth into to, really.

Left 4 Dead is okay for a few weeks but the shocking attitude of many online players leaves me with a pretty sour taste in my mouth in about 90% of games. Maybe the forthcoming expansion pack will cheer people up a bit (come on guys it’s only a game, we were all noobs back in November last year!).

I know there are plenty of other new, high profile PC games around at the moment, but none has really become a personal favourite. My tastes restrict me primarily to FPS, and flight and racing simulators. Empire: Total War and Fallout 3 for example have been popular in the office in recent months and James blogged about being addicted to Silent Hunter 4, with plenty more around even for a casual fling. But I tend to play only one maybe two games during any two or three month period, and I’ll play them hard and for months on end, however I need to be hooked and this just hasn’t been happening recently.

In fact the last game I was playing consistently for more than a few months was probably Battlefield 2. Which is why last weekend I decided to fire it up again, and guess what? I had the best evening’s gaming I’ve had in a long time, and that was just running a dedicated server with my brother and a few dozen bots thrown into the mix.

Maybe it’s working where I do that somehow helps to expose all the flaws in games I might not otherwise notice. However it seems to me that very few games are ‘getting it right’ at the moment. I mean all I need are half decent graphics, a plausible plot and a good online experience and I’m happy as a sandboy. It seems either games look great but need three grand’s worth of PC to run, or their game play is so far-fetched or shallow that playing them is about as much fun as drowning kittens, in an arctic lake, when its snowing, and you’re wearing a bikini.

I need something to get my teeth into  I need some game addiction

It’s probably just me, but games like Battlefield 2 have great game play, are easy to run, look great and more importantly keep you playing with awards, score-based upgrades and stats systems. I even remember eagerly waiting for each patch to be released - something I haven't done since for any other game. I just hope 2009 can produce at least one such title that will get me addicted again.
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