Hardware 9 - iPad, eReaders, and who has the brighter future, Intel or AMD?

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January 29, 2010 | 16:57

Tags: #ebooks #ereader #ipad #larrabee

Companies: #amd #apple #arm #intel

The hardware podcast kicks off 2010 belatedly, but with over 55 minutes of hardcore hardware chat. Alex, Clive and Antony discuss everything the major since our last hardware pod in November 2009.

Intel's cancelled Larrabee, but launched the first CPUs with integrated graphics, but are there clouds on the horizon for x86?
Meanwhile, AMD has finally managed to make some cash, and while most of it is Intel's, behind the scenes things are looking up.

We also turn our attention towards the iPad. The lack of multi-tasking is an issue for some people in the pod, while others are more interested in the mystery CPU that lies beneath its flashy touchscreen exterior.

There's also our competition where you can win free games, and for the first time, we take questions live, during the recording, over Twitter.

Use the links below to listen to the podcast and be sure to subscribe in iTunes to make sure you don't miss any future casts! Oh, and let us know your thoughts in the forums.

As ever, thanks to Shure for the microphones and to Brad Sucks for the music.
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