Free Games I Like: QWERTY Warriors

Written by Paul Goodhead

October 1, 2010 | 09:14

Tags: #free-games-i-like

QWERTY Warriors is incredibly simple but deceptively addictive. As you can probably tell from the title it's a typing game in which you play some sort of space marine - a space marine with the most powerful but awkward gun in the world.

Enemies appear on the edge of the map and advance towards our brave hero in the centre of the screen. Once they get close enough they open fire on you, slowly blowing chunks out of your health bar.[break]

The only way to defend yourself is to enter the names of your enemies into your trusty death gun. Handily, each of your foes seems to be wearing a huge name tag. How foolish of them to attack during their yearly Team Evil bonding day!

As time progresses more advanced troops are sent to the front line, with ever more complex names making it harder to wipe them all out before you succumb to finger cramps.

Power-ups appear randomly, air dropped in to help you. These take the form of bombs capable of destroying all on screen enemies or med-kits that restore your health to its original maximum. Again, these come with handy name tags. How thoughtful.

Free Games I Like: QWERTY Warriors
Play QWERTY Warriors here

Occasionally two enemies will cooperate, coming on screen next to each other and obscuring each others names, the cunning swines. This can be problematic and is likely to result in much desperate mashing of keys.

Eventually the mighty hero must fall, dragged down by the rushing horde. His exploits are not forgotten though and his skills can be compared to that of other desperate space marines via a daily leader board.

Go forth brave space marines, go forth and spell for death and glory. Also, discuss in the forums. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
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