Free Games I like: Doodle God

Written by James Gorbold

July 22, 2010 | 08:03

Tags: #doodle-god #free #free-games-i-like #science #web-game

As the resident weapons and demolitions expert in the bit-tech/CPC office I also have a fondness for blowing up/destroying/killing things in games too.

It came as quite a surprise therefore to find myself enjoying a game that doesn't involve any martial activities. The game in question, is a free to play Flash game called Doodle God.
You begin the game with a few base elements and are given the aim of discovering another 112 more through the process of combining existing elements together.

It's more than just a guessing game though, as the combination of the elements isn't completely random - a basic understanding of evolution, chemistry and how things are made will help you quickly and easily figure out which elements need to be combined.

Unlike a lot of Flash games Doodle God also has a quite a lot of longevity, thanks to the many possible combinations of elements. Apart from the scoring system, the game rewards you with appropriate quotations from significant figures in history whenever you discover a new element.

All in all, Doodle God provides a nice break from the hectic pace of killing that punctuates my usual gaming sessions.

P.S. I lied - you can kill things in Doodle God. Try combining the Hunter with an Animal and you'll see what I mean.
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