Free Games I Like: Chase Goose

Written by Joe Martin

July 19, 2010 | 10:07

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I rather liked the little blog competition we had recently, so I thought we’d have another one. This time though, I wanted something really difficult to vex you all with – not just the ‘see who can get the lowest stat’ like we did last time. No, I wanted something difficult.

But even I think Chase Goose might be a bit extreme. It isn’t so much a game as it is a tool for murdering your keyboard. If you’re any good at it then it’ll leave your brain looking like leftover Chow Mein and your fingers like crumpled slivers of wet soap. Or maybe that’s just me, as I’m admittedly a bit crap at it.
Anyway, the point of the game is that you have to run as far as possible, which is done at first by hammering the Left and Right arrow keys as fast as you can. The quicker you press them, the quicker you go. To jump you have to press the other randomly selected buttons when you are told to, hopefully landing on the next platform and avoiding an anti-climactic tumble to your doom.

There’s no timer governing any of this, so you can slow down a bit if you want – but it’s hard to regain lost momentum and you’re constantly followed by what I think is a caricature of a gorillas face. If that catches you then it’s game over.

So, here’s the challenge. I’ve got a copy of Dirt 2 to give away. I’ll give it to whoever can run the furthest distance in a game of Chase Goose and prove it with a screenshot posted in the comments thread below. The competition is open internationally and, in the event of a draw, I expect contenders to settle the matter by buying me as many doughnuts as they can.

This competition is now closed
(You can still play the game, obviously, there's just no prize)

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