Gaming 16 - Pride Comes Before a Fail

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September 7, 2010 | 15:33

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Joe, Harry, Paul and Alex take some time out to discuss Joe's recent trip to Gamescom 2010 and what he saw there. We find out why The Witcher 2 is witchier than any witch before it and why Joe was so impressed with THQ's up and coming Homefront.

Joe also tells us about the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper the imaginatively titled Dungeons and explains his continually changing attitude to the new Fallout 3 expansions pack New Vegas.
Inevitably we trundle off on a few tangents, honing our razor sharp wit on the subjects of voice acting in games and the recent furore surrounding the latest Medal of Honor game where you can play as the Taliban.

Joe also takes a moment to get misty eyed about shareware games while Harry spills the beans about a dodgy video of him taken at a previous LAN event.

We also get a chance to chat about our recent game of Neptune's Pride for which we introduce a special guest in the shape of bit-tech coder extraordinaire Jamie. It's an opportunity to digest the game and mull over the direction the game ended up taking.

Harry and Jamie bask in the glory of their win, Paul gets bitter about their Care Bear alliance and Joe explains his relief at being knocked out of the game. A few home truths also come out about how low Harry some of us went in order to gain an advantage in the game.

We also discuss tactics, what we've learnt from the game and whether we'd play another game or not. As usual we also have time for some reader mail and questions posed to us on Twitter while we were recording.

Use the links below to listen to the podcast, which was recorded on Shure microphones and features music by Brad Sucks. Enjoy!
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