iPhone Review: Civilisation Revolution

Written by Joe Martin

August 5, 2010 | 10:33

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Ugh, it’s late – I’d better turn my iPhone off and go to bed. I’ll stop playing at the end of this turn, so I can start more easily tomorrow morning.

Well, I’m only two turns away from researching gunpowder actually, so I’ll finish that and then I’ll go to sleep…

Excellent, I get two Riflemen units as a bonus for researching Gunpowder first! I’ll just test them out, super-quickly. Gandhi is going to regret conquering Buffalo now!

What? An army of Archers could never defeat a platoon of Riflemen! I’ll rush some more soldiers through production, bring in that Cruiser for support and rectify this mistake next turn.
I wonder if Cambridge is annoyed that Oxford University are mentioned as a Wonder of the World and not them? Either way, it’s only two turns until construction of that is complete. I’ll get my advanced tech, then I really should stop playing...

iPhone Review: Civilisation Revolution
I'll think of a caption later

How did I get this far without researching the Aqueduct yet? I wonder if I can extort the knowledge from Napoleon? No? Ok, rush production on the Great Library and start to mass leftover Legion units around Paris.

Hello, Russia. Will you please take care of the Mongols in exchange for some shiny coins? Thank you. Don’t worry, I’ll research Banking in a bit and get all the cash back then.

Oxford University complete. I said I’d stop playing, but realistically I’ve got to try out these Bomber units at least once. Taste burning death, Gandhi!

I really should go to sleep now, but next turn it will be 1900AD, which is a nice, round number…

If I’m really going to review this game properly in the morning then I need to have a decent understanding of all the units. Start researching tanks.

I love how the Leonardo’s Workshop wonder upgrades all my units. Russia is going to regret betraying me once I bring my Infantry into position a few moves from now.

Verdict: I’ll write this verdict once I’ve explored the last few islands – there has to be an Ancient Wonder left somewhere...
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