Gaming 8 - Steamworks, Consolification and Scooters

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November 30, 2009 | 10:33

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This week's gaming podcast features a small ensemble - just Joe, Mark and Richard - but it's still as exciting as ever. That might not be saying much, but at we get through a load of interesting topics this time.

As well as talking about the big topics of the moment, such as the Steamworks boycott and whether games have a place in education, we've also got the usual competitions. Listen here to find out if you won the Guess The Screenshot compo and won yourself a Good Old Game of your choice!
On top of that we've also got a big chunk o' discussion on the subject of consolification, with Joe suggesting that it might not always be a bad thing, while Rich and Mark are more bothered about which controller is better - PS3 or Xbox 360.

As always we've got the reader mail segment too, so if you have any thoughts on the podcast then send them through to PODCAST@CUSTOMPC.CO.UK for your chance to win prizes. Maybe.

Our thanks go to Shure for the microphones, and to Brad Sucks. See below to see how to catch the pod, and please let us know what you think in the comments thread below or at the email address above.
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