Things I've learned from The Stolen Throne

Written by Clive Webster

June 12, 2009 | 12:41

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I'm ploughing through the Dragon Age: Origins prequel novel The Stolen Throne at the moment, and it's made me wonder exactly how much of the book will translate into the final game. Here are a few of the things I've found so far that I think might (or at least would be cool if if they do).
At one point there's a scene where a group of 30 or so armoured knights have to hold a choke point against a small army of a few hundred. They do so fairly well until the army brings halberds to play. Here's a quote from the book:

"The enemy had brought halberds this time, wicked axe blades attached to long poles that gave them the advantage of reach. He [the character we're follwing at this point] had lost ten men immediately to the first rush."

Does this mean that polearms, spears and suchlike will have extra reach over conventional weapons, and will that translate to a to-hit penalty modifier for the foe you're attacking in the game? Does this also mean that a mage with a spear could attach past a front-line tank character?

Inter-Party Training?
Another sequence in the book sees two of the main protagonists practising their sword fighting, with the older character training the younger in a few moves.

"With the long weeks spent camped, Loghain devoted a great deal of time training Maric on the finer points of swordsmanship and archery. He claimed Maric was a poor student..."

So, perhaps party members will be able to train others in the party and help them increase skills or level up more effectively or quickly. That would certainly add an extra dynamic to party selection. I'm not sure how I'd prefer this to be done in the game - a mini-game for training might be a bit tedious, but a simple 'you are now a level 4 archer' pop-up seems a bit lame.

Dwarven Armour
Everyone knows Dwarfs make the best armour, but there's a passage in the book that made me think that maybe Dwarven armour would be even more worth looting than usual. The scene involves Maric in his Princely Dwarven armour being attacked by some street thugs but their cheap weapons just bounce off, doing no damage.

No damage? So will Dwarven armour be impervious to weapons below a certain quality or damage level in the game?

I'm well aware that I might be reading far too much into the novel, especially as it does read like a typical fantasy book and not merely a narration of a video game, but what do you think are the chances of any of what I've talked about appearing in the final game?
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