A brief site and forum update

Written by Tim Smalley

April 23, 2009 | 13:58

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I'm sure many of you have noticed that there are now a couple of new forum sections in the forums for Custom PC, our sister magazine.

The editorial teams on bit-tech and Custom PC have been working close together for a few months now and we have been working hard to not only continue making bit-tech the leading destination online, but to also create the best print magazine for hardware and technology enthusiasts, modders and gamers with Custom PC.

Custom PC also has a website associated to the magazine, but it makes little sense to dilute the team's efforts by offering two very similar propositions online. Not only is bit-tech's reach much wider than custompc.co.uk, but the technology powering the site is far superior as well. As a result, Dennis is in the process of closing the Custom PC website down and moving relevant parts of the site across to bit-tech.
The first step is to bring a couple of forum sections across as the old Custom PC forums are closing at the end of this week. We've added a Custom PC magazine discussion forum where you can discuss any matters relating to the print magazine, and the Custom PC folding team forum, as the team is one of the world's leading folding teams – it's currently fifth in the rankings.

Our plan is to combine the bit-tech and Custom PC folding teams soon, so your efforts should be moved across to team number 35947. We have a number of articles in the pipeline relating to the Folding@Home project and we're hoping they'll generate some more interest in it on top of it being included in all of our GPU reviews nowadays.

Please welcome the new influx of members in typical bit-tech fashion – thanks for your continued support!
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