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  • Devolo & Solwise HomePlug kits

    Devolo & Solwise HomePlug kits

    Hardware > Networking | 29th Aug 2006 57
    Walls too thick for wireless signal? Don't want to tear apart your house to install Cat5? Using...
  • Darkstar One

    Darkstar One

    Gaming > PC | 18th Aug 2006 29
    Ascaron's latest space game Darkstar One is attempting to revitalise a dying genre. We checked it...
  • Razer Krait

    Razer Krait

    Gaming | 10th Aug 2006 34
    We take a look at Razer's latest mouse: the Krait. Aimed specifically at those who want pro-level...
  • Prey


    Gaming > PC | 19th Jul 2006 36
    Prey is another first person shooter based on the Doom III engine - it's a heart-warming family...
  • Rumble Roses XX

    Rumble Roses XX

    Gaming > Xbox 360 | 1st Jul 2006 17
    A high-definition, Xbox 360 title featuring well-constructed female wrestlers, 'humiliation' moves...
  • Dell Ultrasharp 2407WFP

    Dell Ultrasharp 2407WFP

    Hardware > Monitors | 23rd Jun 2006 75
    If you're looking for a new monitor, why not step up to something bigger, and wider? We check out...
  • LocoRoco


    Gaming | 22nd Jun 2006 21
    Fed up of nothing new to play on the PSP? Your summer saviour is here - LocoRoco is not only one...
  • Nintendo DS Lite

    Nintendo DS Lite

    Gaming | 21st Jun 2006 34
    The sleek, redesigned DS goes on sale in the UK this week. It's everything the original machine...
  • Sensible Soccer 2006

    Sensible Soccer 2006

    Gaming | 7th Jun 2006 12
    With the World Cup closing faster than an ice cream stand in January, Codemasters aims to break...
  • Auto Assault

    Auto Assault

    Gaming > PC | 2nd Jun 2006 10
    Do you like your MMOs with more run and gun than hack and slash? This futuristic online game...

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