Dremel Searches For UK Heroes

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Umbra 17th February 2014, 11:56 Quote
No heroes here I guess? I've long thought that a lot of people buy Dremels because they have become synonymous with modding, Dremels were useful in the early years of modding when a radical mod consisted of some engraved plexi and a ban the bomb fan grill but the reality is that the Dremel is not man enough for the heavy duty modding that many people now do, the Dremel still has it's uses but with power tools being so cheap today you are better off buying regular size tools if you intend to do some serious modding.
Landy_Ed 10th March 2014, 09:04 Quote
Most useful thing I've done with my Dremel has been to cut the end off some iron bars that are embedded in concrete under my driveway, close enough to the ground that they won't puncture my tyres. Struggled to achieve that with any of my "regular" size tools.
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