Overclockers UK Exclusive: Introducing DeepCool CPU Coolers.

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Teelzebub 23rd January 2014, 16:18 Quote
Looks just like a T.R.U.E bet they are no better either
Qazax 9th February 2015, 00:08 Quote
Only the cheapest one is available?
TheMadDutchDude 9th February 2015, 03:35 Quote
I reviewed the Lucifer some time ago and it was bloody awful.
chrismarkham1982 10th February 2015, 09:28 Quote
Apparently, the Lucifer is 'entirely Bickel plated'.....should be interesting.....

ahhhhhhhhh just noticed how old the thread is :( :( :(
Qazax 11th February 2015, 12:45 Quote
Sorry that was my bad.
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