ID-Cooling announces European launch plan

ID-Cooling announces European launch plan

Some of ID-Cooling's designs, like this ultra-compact small form factor heatsink for 75W TDP chips, are certainly intriguing.

ID-Cooling, the retail arm of Chinese cooling specialist Shenzhen Wan Jing Hua Technology, has confirmed plans to enter the European market with a splash, launching a quartet of lines it hopes will shake up CPU cooling equipment sales.

First spotted at Computex in Taipei but only confirmed for the European market this past weekend, ID-Cooling is Wan Jing Hua's attempt at leaving its comfort zone in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sector and taking its cooling know-how to retail with a raft of products designed specifically for the enthusiast market. Taking a Nordic theme for its products, the company is hoping to build ID-Cooling into a go-to brand name - but, naturally, much will depend on the performance of its products.

The first entry in its family of coolers is the Finland Series of vapour-chamber coolers, designed to sit at the very top of the company's line-up. The first confirmed entry in the Finland Series is the FI-REEX Deluxe, a blocky tower cooler which uses vapour chamber technology - claimed by the company as 'X-ray 3D heat conduction technology,' suggesting the Chinese to English translation may have got misdirected somewhere along the way - to effectively cool up to 300W of heat. The top-end model will also be joined by a smaller FI-REEX model promising the ability to handle 250W of heat output, and the FI-VC Twin and FI-VC which can handle 150W and 140W each. All include at least one 120mm PWM fan, except the FI-REEX Deluxe which packs a pair of 140mm fans.

The Sweden Series, meanwhile, are more compact tower coolers for those with chips that don't glow a dull red under load. The SE-205 sits at the top of the range, dealing with 150W through a 120mm front-mounted fan and an additional 140mm centre-mounted fan, and is joined by the SE-204 Pro and SE-204 in the middle of the range with 140W and 130W TDP support respectively. The SE-203, meanwhile, sits at the bottom with a single 120mm fan on one edge and support for a 130W peak TDP.

The Iceland Series, described by the company as 'thin down draft coolers,' is designed for small form factor and all-in-one systems. Although the top-end model, the IS-60, tops out at 115W TDP, its ultra-slim design - measuring just 55mm tall and packing a slim 15mm fan - could make it popular for those with cramped or custom cases. The range also includes the IS-40 at 95W TDP, IS-30i at 75W and the IS-25. The latter, which looks like it would be more at home on a low-end graphics card, may only support 75W TDP chips, but also manages to pack its capabilities into an impressive 27mm height.

Finally, models in the Denmark series are more traditional top-down coolers ranging from the very sedate-looking DK-03a and DK-03i with their promise of 95W TDP support and going right up to the UFO-like DK-02, which packs a 92mm fan into a Zalman-esque curved heatsink which is capable of cooling chips with a TDP of up to 120W.

Thus far, the company is only offering the heatsinks in boxes of 20 but has clear plans to get the units in retail channels throughout Europe. While much will depend on the actual performance of the devices, their design is certainly interesting - and if they live up to the company's promise, the industry incumbents could have a serious challenge on their hands.

More details, including images and specifications for all announced heatsinks, are available on the company's official website.


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Bindibadgi 9th July 2013, 09:20 Quote
Always nice to see new brands spicing up the PC market!
Corky42 9th July 2013, 09:44 Quote
So far AFAIK all vapour-chamber coolers have been comparable with heat-pipe coolers, so it will be interesting to see if they have a new take on the design.
Sheiken 9th July 2013, 23:01 Quote
I definitely need the top of the line Denmark series! I don't even remotely care about its performance, I just need it for the pun!
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