Razer confirms plans for left-handed Naga

Razer confirms plans for left-handed Naga

Razer's Naga MMO-centric gaming mouse is to get a sinister rework, thanks to demand from left-handed gamers.

Gaming peripherals maker and would-be tablet and laptop giant Razer has announced its intentions to finally do right by the sinister portion of the populace: the creation of a left-handed variant of its Razer Naga gaming mouse.

It's not the first widdershins pointing device the company has released: it already makes a mirrored variant of its Razer DeathAdder for left-handers, but the majority of its product portfolio is at best 'ambidextrous' (a word used in this context to typically mean 'equally uncomfortable in either hand') or exclusively for the use of right-handed types.

Company chief executive Min-Liang Tan promised that the Naga would receive the same treatment as the DeathAdder and see a mirror-image release if the company received at least 10,000 'Likes' on social networking site Facebook before the 21st of April - a figure reached before the end of March, much to Razer's surprise.

Southpaws having made their feelings known, Razer is following through on its promise to produce a left-handed variant - but there is a slight catch: the device won't reach retail channels until early next year.

When it finally does launch, left-handed gamers will be given the opportunity to use a device with the same specification as right-handed gamers have been enjoying since launch: 17 buttons designed for massively multiplayer online games, a 5,600dpi laser sensor and a tracking speed of a claimed 200 inches per second (IPS.)

The one piece of information Razer isn't sharing just yet: the price. With a smaller target market, the company could theoretically justify a higher retail price - although to do so would likely incur the wrath of left-handed gamers who already feel unfairly marginalised by the surfeit of right-hand-only pointing peripherals on the market today.


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Singularity 3rd April 2012, 13:23 Quote
As a southpaw, I'm very pleased :)
mclean007 3rd April 2012, 14:20 Quote
Snooze. I'm a left hander but we live in a right handed world. I've always used a right handed mouse just as I use right handed scissors, corkscrews, golf clubs (though that may explain why I'm such an atrocious golfer), you name it. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favour of choice, but Razer would be quite within their rights to charge more for this lower volume part.
steveo_mcg 3rd April 2012, 14:24 Quote
I'm a right hander but was taught to mouse with my left hand, logic being that if you were copying documents the document holder would be on your right in the way of the mouse. I am however quite old, well I feel it any way.
schmidtbag 3rd April 2012, 15:37 Quote
this mouse is geared toward gamers, so if you're a serious gamer and you're left handed, you're going to want to be the best you possibly can. i heard recently that left-handed people are generally better at video games, however i'm not sure if that was referring to console gamers or keyboard/mouse gamers, and it also didn't specify if this focused on left-handed controllers/mice. but this being said, if a serious left-handed gamer gets to use something of precision with their left hand, they could be noticeably better.

i myself am ambidexterous, so i wouldn't benefit either way. i learned using a mouse with my right hand so i'm slightly better at it, but i'm comfortable with using my left hand.
TheDodoKiller 3rd April 2012, 16:51 Quote
I found it very easy, being left handed to adapt to using a right handed mouse. I think that it's a really bad idea to make a left handed mouse, Razer are just going to lose money. Get me my Tiamat's, already.
ssj12 3rd April 2012, 22:11 Quote
Originally Posted by TheDodoKiller
I found it very easy, being left handed to adapt to using a right handed mouse. I think that it's a really bad idea to make a left handed mouse, Razer are just going to lose money. Get me my Tiamat's, already.

their other left-handed mouse sold well...
PingCrosby 10th April 2012, 16:49 Quote
I'd give my left arm to be ambidextrous
Tyinsar 10th April 2012, 16:59 Quote
;) (notice which hand is in use in the latter two)

I already have two LH Deathadders (one for home and one for work) but...
Elton 10th April 2012, 19:27 Quote
Logitech should make some left handed mice. They'd sell like hot cakes.
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