Nvidia Shield to launch on the 31st of July

Nvidia Shield to launch on the 31st of July

The Nvidia Shield console has now recovered from its last-minute delay, blamed on a third-party mechanical component, and is on-track for a launch at the end of this month.

A flaw in Nvidia's upcoming Shield hand-held console, blamed on a third party component, has now been resolved with the company squeaking just under the bar of its revised July launch date.

Nvidia's first foray into the world of first-party devices, the Shield was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year following a year-long skunkworks project with 14-hours days and a prototype appearing just ten days before the show. Based around the company's latest Tegra 4 ARM-based processor, the Shield is a combination Android tablet and games console providing access both to the sort of casual mobile games associated with the platform and also - thanks to Nvidia's Grid cloud computing technology - to desktop PC games, rendered on an Nvidia Kepler GPU and streamed wirelessly to the low-power device.

The company's original plan was to launch the device as a US exclusive in June, but a last-minute delay saw the shipping date slip to July. The issue, the company claimed, was on a mechanical part supplied by a third party which simply wasn't performing up to the company's standard and thus had to be replaced with an alternative.

That alternative has been sourced, tested and sent to production, with Nvidia announcing that the console is on track for a launch on the 31st of July - hitting the very tail end of its revised release window. As before, however, the Shield will be exclusive to North America with the company looking to use feedback from the small-scale local launch to better tune the gadget ahead of international availability.

As previously announced, the Shield console will cost $299 - a discount from the originally-planned $349 launch price, partly by way of compensation for the delay and partly following numerous price cuts on mobile hardware from Nintendo and Sony. As yet, there is still no firm commitment to a UK launch from Nvidia.


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Fraze 22nd July 2013, 11:04 Quote
Hopefully this means they will be updating Nvidia Experience to include ShadowPlay as well, since it was pushed back to coincide with the Shield launch.
sotu1 22nd July 2013, 11:30 Quote
still so curious to see this in action.
rollo 22nd July 2013, 11:43 Quote
Still to expensive for what it is. Sony ps vita and Nintendo 3ds both struggled at this price point with a better game selection. What makes nvidia think people will buy it instead of established players I don't really get it.

Did not get OUYA either and its sales have been disappointing and it lost one of its few exclusives.
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