StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm delayed to 2013

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm delayed to 2013

StarCraft II's upcoming Heart of the Swarm expansion has been delayed, with its new schedule putting the release date somewhere in 1H 2013.

Blizzard has confirmed rumours that its StarCraft II expansion pack Heart of the Swarm will miss the Christmas sales period, with its launch now delayed until some time in 2013.

The Heart of the Swarm expansion was originally supposed to add seven new units to the multiplayer game and remove three existing units for balancing purposes. Closed beta testing caused Blizzard to change its plans, however, dropping the planned Shredder and Warhound unit additions for the Terrans due to balancing issues and replacing them with Widow Mines - variants on Spider Mines that fire splash-damage missiles - and tweaks to the Hellion, Ghost, Battlecruiser and Reaper units.

Protoss players will get three of the planned four new multiplayer units, the Oracle, the Mothership Core and the Tempest, while the Replicant has been ditched over fears it would encourage players to 'spam' masses of identical units. Other new units found in the expansion include the Overseer, Viper and Swarm Host, the latter of which spawns units known as Locusts.

The single-player game also sees some modifications, with an expanded plot taking over where Wings of Liberty ended. If you haven't played the Wings of Liberty missions, by the way, you should probably skip the rest of this paragraph. Designed to focus on the Zerg race and the exploits of Sarah Kerrigan, the expansion campaign is to start with Kerrigan attempting to unite the fractured Zerg factions and assume leadership of the swarm in order to exact revenge on Terran Emperor Arcturus Mengsk.

The biggest changes, however, come to the game's suitability for competitive play. Under the new expansion, StarCraft II will gain a new player progression system, support for custom clans, and resumable game replay functionality.

Sadly, all these features will now have to wait. While the company had originally planned to get the expansion out by the end of the year, some last-minute delays mean it will now be out some time in 2013. While no firm date has been set, Blizzard chief executive Mike Morhaime told investors that it should be released in the first half of 2013 during the company's latest earnings call.


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Harlequin 8th November 2012, 10:25 Quote
with 6 week left of 2012 - are we so surprised? allways thought it would be 2 titles this tyear.

oh and subs are up again , back over 10 million for wow, up 1 million from Q2
Griffter 8th November 2012, 11:25 Quote
i never thought it would come out this year. but blizzard can speed up a little now and not let me play Void expansion in about 10yrs time pls.
Loafers 8th November 2012, 17:19 Quote
people still going to buy from blizzard after they ruined 2 franchises?
Skiddywinks 8th November 2012, 18:12 Quote
Well, if you are buying games from franchises that haven't been "ruined", what the eff is the problem?
brave758 8th November 2012, 19:05 Quote
The shock!!!!!!
Bogomip 8th November 2012, 19:25 Quote
Originally Posted by Loafers
people still going to buy from blizzard after they ruined 2 franchises?

Which two? DIII wasnt quite as good as other things they have made before but warcraft and starcraft universes are going strong.

(written whilst under the understanding you are one of the omgwtfihatewarcraftsomuch people :))

Anyway - classic Blizzard. They arent worried about late release if they feel the quality of the game is in doubt :)
LordPyrinc 8th November 2012, 21:34 Quote
This really doesn't surprise me considering how many patches they've issued for SC2 with tweaks to balancing units and races. Someone figures out a new "exploit" of sorts that overpowers a particular unit or race, Blizzard rebalances it with the next patch. I've given up playing multi-player in part because I really hate having to micro individual units in an RTS in order to have a chance of survival.

I did get a bit bored of D3, but now with the new monster level settings, I'm starting to play it again.
jimmyjj 10th November 2012, 14:15 Quote
Disappointing but expected. I am looking forward to heart of the swarm.
fix-the-spade 11th November 2012, 17:00 Quote
There's lies, damn lies and then there's Blizzard initial release dates...
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