It's almost Christmas

It's almost Christmas

The Christmas tree at Keble College, Oxford. As snapped by me.

So, it's Friday, and Christmas is on Sunday. Having worked tirelessly for the last 6 months to bring you the bit-tech you know and love today, we're having a couple of days well deserved rest to kick back and enjoy the eggnog.

It's been a hard slog that's seen us move to bringing you brand spanking new content 5 days a week, and we are preparing to up the ante further in the New Year. Prepare for some funky Forums action, some new content sections and all kinds of site-wide hilarity.

For the next couple of days, however, there'll be some news popping up but not a whole lot else. I'm off to go and grab a copy of Liberty City Stories for the PSP, and I'll be playing that on Christmas Day, along with snapping photos on my new Nikon D50, which a helpful elf told me that Santa might have prepared for the big day. Tim is taking a break from benchmarking graphics card and will instead be attempting to set the record for the most turkey ate in a day. Being in Oz, Geoff and G-gnome will be stereotypically holding a barbie on the beach (yeah right - Ed), and the rest of the gang have all kinds of plans too.

However, look out for the release of GoldenEye: Source on Christmas Day - we're certainly going to be downloading it and giving it a whirl.

Then, in the middle of next week we have Intel's new Extreme Edition processor, as well as a couple of other funky articles. However, all that is a mere prelude to the extravaganza that is CES 2006. Geoff and I will be flying out to Las Vegas on the 2nd of January to bring you all the hottest coverage from the show - and from what we're hearing, it's going to be a corker. Nobody does trade shows quite like bit-tech, and we're massively psyched for this one. Three words: Playable. PlayStation. Three.

So, in the mean time, have a safe holiday season, enjoy yourselves, drink responsibly, mod with goggles on and prepare for an awesome 2006!