Asus asks public for notebook designs

Asus asks public for notebook designs

The "Ghetto-Blaster PC" has to be my all-time favourite design. Are you listening, Asus?

If you want to have a say in the next generation of laptops and netbooks, Asus and Intel would like to have a word with you.

According to Engadget, the two companies have joined forces to launch WePC, a collaborative design site open to the public. Simply sign up and start designing your own laptop innovations, and if you're really lucky you'll get to see Asus and Intel make a mint off your work.

The idea is simple: designers from both companies lurk on the site and take note of exactly what it is the public are clamorouring for. If enough people give a design the thumbs-up, it's more than likely that aspects will be integrated into future notebook models. Neat, but there's certainly no mention of profit share should your design hit the big time.

Some ideas already submitted to the site aren't too far fetched, such as the Eee EcoPC designed to be “powered by solar energy” and feature “wimax, wifi, gps, 3g” connectivity; others, meanwhile, are a little more outré like the ghetto blaster 'shoulder-top' design featuring “woofers, tweeters, [and an] optical drive” as its two main features.

Despite the temptation to use the site as a dumping ground for unrealistic hopes and dreams – a flying robot butler with 802.11n connectivity for me, please – there's certainly scope for some good to come out of this project. Only time will tell, of course, whether this will ever impact Asus' designs in the slightest.

Tempted to upload your own dream laptop design, or would Asus and Intel need to be paying you before that particular secret will be unleashed on the world? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Woodstock 30th October 2008, 09:30 Quote
Certainly an intersting way, to come up with a few ideas, I really do like the eco eee idea.
Jordan Wise 30th October 2008, 11:41 Quote
just sounds like they can't be bothered employing people to do it for them
rjkoneill 30th October 2008, 11:59 Quote
should have called it the Eeeco PC

'doh - bet they trademark that now!'
pizan 30th October 2008, 13:20 Quote
i want a ghetto blaster shoulder-top...rocket included?
devdevil85 30th October 2008, 14:14 Quote
Originally Posted by Jordan Wise
just sounds like they can't be bothered employing people to do it for them
Aren't there companies that they can pay and come up with possibly quicker, better ideas?
Cptn-Inafinus 30th October 2008, 16:28 Quote
The ghetto-blaster got my vote without a doubt.
StephenK 30th October 2008, 17:04 Quote
Well people are always saying 'why don't Company X listen to their customers? Why dont they build what we want?'. I guess this type of approach is a good idea in many ways. Far too often paid consultancy firms do a quick bit of dirty market research (of very questionable value) and tell the company what they Think the customers want. At least this is giving actual customers a voice, even if some people don't provide honest data. Blaster shoulder-top is mighty awesome though! ;)
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