bit-tech Case Modding Update March 2017 in Association with Corsair

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usagi 5th April 2017, 18:38 Quote
hello and thank you

I 'm really surprised but really honoured :o

I came here few years ago , to read the beautiful " Cyprio's G5 mod " .

I hope to share a beautiful final project too ...

and long life to " bit-tech " to give a great place to "share " our passion

InsolentGnome 5th April 2017, 20:33 Quote
Thanks for throwing me in the mix! As usual, it's an honor to be lumped in with all these great projects.
Huskybongs 9th April 2017, 03:56 Quote
Thanks for the honor to be included!
Huskybongs 9th April 2017, 19:22 Quote
By the way can you please change the title for my build. I wrote it at 4 in the morning or something and I messed it up:) It's supposed to be "Mahogany/Steel Pc Desk" or something in that nature. Can the modder please correct this?:)
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