bit-tech Case Modding Update April 2017 in Association with Corsair

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C4B12 8th May 2017, 15:02 Quote
My vote goes to A.P.R.P.M. Good job! :)
LePhuronn 10th May 2017, 14:57 Quote
OK, my heart literally just missed a beat seeing I've been nominated! Wow, thank you very much!

I don't have any more progress to put up at the moment :(
Primoz 10th May 2017, 18:21 Quote
Finally someone who sees the almost ideal ITX layout. Though i'd intake the air for the PSU from the inside of the case and vent it upwards with a fully aircooled system. Still, props for your design LePhuronn! :)
LePhuronn 10th May 2017, 23:21 Quote
Many thanks Primoz. The PSU does draw air from the main chamber of the case and exhaust will be assisted upward by some teeny tiny fans into the narrow gap between the chamber and the outer skin. Where the warm air goes from there I don't care :p

Haven't got there in the log yet though, the fan assistants won't be happening just yet.
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