Mod of the Month April 2017 in Association with Corsair

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Vault-Tec 4th May 2017, 16:27 Quote
Again almost impossible this month. Monarch and Vega though, wow. Just. Wow.

Both got my vote, fantastic work guys and girls :)
stonedsurd 4th May 2017, 16:40 Quote
Had to give it to both Monarch and Vega, they're both equally fantastic.
S.PiC 4th May 2017, 18:22 Quote
Thank you so much for the nomination and support of modders all over the world! Honored to be on the list!
P.S.: Excellent mods! Good luck to all!
Steamroller 4th May 2017, 19:18 Quote
Aorus all the way! :)
jones-965 5th May 2017, 05:40 Quote
My favorit: projekt VEGA.
neSSa 5th May 2017, 09:00 Quote
It's a pleasure to be nominated, thank you all so much! :) Good luck everyone!
MeMo 5th May 2017, 09:22 Quote
Good Job Everyone!! Picked my two favorites! But Loved them all! Keep up the awesome work! I am so exited to see what is next
Impeccable Logic 5th May 2017, 15:17 Quote
Great job all. Hard to pick just 2. ;)
LePhuronn 5th May 2017, 15:45 Quote
Excellent work all round as usual, but there's only 1 standout for me this time.
Bartacus 5th May 2017, 16:04 Quote
I'm shocked at the lack of love for USS-Dragon-1! That was an awesome project! Got one of my votes.
Vault-Tec 5th May 2017, 16:10 Quote
Originally Posted by Bartacus
I'm shocked at the lack of love for USS-Dragon-1! That was an awesome project! Got one of my votes.

You really need to be a Trekky to get it though. I've never watched the show before..

This month was incredibly tough. I love the Kitty mod too, but only had two votes :S
random2k4 6th May 2017, 20:29 Quote
Wow, thanks for the nomination :D
TechnoMod87 8th May 2017, 12:34 Quote
nice month!
panonskiNS 10th May 2017, 18:30 Quote
I am stunned by Vega and especially Monarch- epic look and style!
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