Mod of the Month February 2017 in Association with Corsair

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douglas alves 7th March 2017, 11:23 Quote
I'm very happy to be here.
thank you so much.
Vault-Tec 7th March 2017, 12:01 Quote
Steiger and Twelve-80 got my vote this month. Good going guys !
l3p 7th March 2017, 18:52 Quote
Always such an honor, thanks guys!
Bennibo 7th March 2017, 19:13 Quote
Thank you so much for even nominating me, im feeling honored!
Arboreal 7th March 2017, 20:02 Quote
Lots of high quality choices again this month ;)
I really like the way Steigerwood has taken an expensive case that most of us mere mortals would fear to mod, and taken it up a notch or 2.
Black silence is a really refreshing take on HTPC builds done in a really unique way, love your upcoming passive rig too Benibo!
EnviousMods 7th March 2017, 20:47 Quote
A huge thanks to for putting APEX in the running for Mod of The Month. Lots of awesome builds this month. Thanks to everyone who has shown APEX so much love this year
LePhuronn 7th March 2017, 21:36 Quote
Lots of choice this time around, but I'm always biased towards small systems that cram so much into spaces that shouldn't really accommodate them.

Couldn't choose between them; L3P and Bennibo get my vote!
M3ANB3AN 7th March 2017, 23:45 Quote
Totally had to for vote for L3P!!
duHu 8th March 2017, 04:40 Quote
L3p's steigerdynamics mod ofcourse. It's a must to check out the full buildlog.
InsolentGnome 8th March 2017, 05:45 Quote
Thanks for slipping me in! Doesn't look like it was a good month to finish a build though, LOL!
perplekks45 8th March 2017, 09:36 Quote
Great projects, all of them. But to me Steigerwoods just stands out. Clean design realised in a quality and style befitting of high-end audio equipment. Love it!
MT. Mods 8th March 2017, 19:58 Quote
All great projects.
but ultimately i Voted for Titanfall by Douglas Alves. Love that build.
DynamoNED 9th March 2017, 15:54 Quote
It's been quite some time since I've posted, but I had to after seeing a new l3p build. Black Silence and Casemod Titanfall are also beautiful, but my vote went to SteigerWood.
gorky 11th March 2017, 09:40 Quote
all projects are very nice but fote for l3p
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