bit-tech Case Modding Update January 2017 in Association with Corsair

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huckinCharlie 27th February 2017, 17:26 Quote
ex aequo
SaaintJimmy 28th February 2017, 11:14 Quote
Originally Posted by huckinCharlie
ex aequo

Yep mate, what happens now? :D
mrdbristol 28th February 2017, 12:10 Quote
Originally Posted by SaaintJimmy
Yep mate, what happens now? :D

In the event of a draw, it goes to sudden death ;

You both have to build a new project in 24 hours
davido_labido 28th February 2017, 14:25 Quote
oh, urm. well. I think we can only settle this with a fight.
huckinCharlie 28th February 2017, 15:23 Quote
SaaintJimmy 28th February 2017, 20:24 Quote
So what? Hahaha
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