Mod of the Month November 2016 in Association with Corsair

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Vault-Tec 6th December 2016, 10:40 Quote
Tough call this month. The Old Book was the most original and inventive though IMO.
Mr_Mistoffelees 6th December 2016, 10:58 Quote
A vote for The Old Book. I only rarely vote but, The Old Book really caught my eye.
ksyruz 6th December 2016, 11:40 Quote
A vote for Old Book, Most original
jojoharalds 6th December 2016, 13:16 Quote
Thank you for the nomination :)
stealth80 6th December 2016, 18:25 Quote
Wow this was a surprise, thanks for the nomination!
stealth80 6th December 2016, 18:29 Quote
Originally Posted by Dogbert666
It's the final Mod of the Month of 2016 - here are the best finished projects.

Just pointing out that the link in the article forwards you to the October MOTM
MightyBenihana 6th December 2016, 21:07 Quote
I personally like Red Phoenix the most and would choose that if I had to have one but My Old Book gets the nod just due to the imagination involved to create something a little bit different.
jodah175 8th December 2016, 18:17 Quote
Had to give it to "the Old Book" Some seriously lovely painting and craftsmanship!
C4B12 8th December 2016, 20:58 Quote
Old Book for me too!
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