Mod of the Month October 2016 in Association with Corsair

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Vault-Tec 3rd November 2016, 10:45 Quote
Fury for me. Wasn't expecting it to look like that at all and then wham, blew me away :)
Omnislip 3rd November 2016, 10:47 Quote
The links in the story go to last months one, I think :)
C4B12 3rd November 2016, 11:59 Quote
I liked the Overwatch build!

Thanks for the nomination, I was very surprised. :)
jojoharalds 3rd November 2016, 12:52 Quote
Fury got my vote amazing job!!
Dogbert666 3rd November 2016, 14:18 Quote
Originally Posted by Omnislip
The links in the story go to last months one, I think :)

Damn - knew there was something I forgot! They should all be fixed now :) thanks!
shrop 3rd November 2016, 17:52 Quote
Thanks for the nomination guys! :D
MooZ91 4th November 2016, 14:41 Quote
Thanks for nomination! :D
Arboreal 5th November 2016, 14:31 Quote
Great work by all, once again - such talent and dedication in so many builds coming through the BT portals
In particular, that's a great look on Fury, I DON'T like BF Prodigies, but I HAD to make an exception for this one ;).
The revised front and military look ticks a lot of boxes for me.
Also really liked the effort that went into battling with braided hoses on Overwatch, it makes a change from the 'usual suspects' w/c setups.
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