Mod of the Month March 2014

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Boddaker 31st March 2014, 21:07 Quote
Minions F T W!! :)
DrTiCool 31st March 2014, 21:09 Quote
cool gloves
Hukkel 1st April 2014, 06:54 Quote
I have to say the minecraft creeper. It is just so fun and cool at the same time.
Zsolt Guriga 1st April 2014, 07:16 Quote
I think that I dreaming when I saw,thanks for the nomination:),its one of my dream come true.
It is nice to be on the list with great builds & modders.
Good luck to all the great mods this month.;)
thegyufi 1st April 2014, 08:41 Quote
This is exactly what I think too ! It's an awsome honnor, thanks a lot bit-tech ;)

When I see the other projects I'm really impressed, particularly by the R.O.G. Reactor, I really don't know how I can win (that's why I vote for myself :D )

Happy contest every one and keep modding
Ronnie Hara 1st April 2014, 09:11 Quote
Thank you Bit-Tech. It is an honor to be here among the best projects of the Month of March.
Meelobee 1st April 2014, 09:43 Quote
Thanks for the nomination BT! I didn't expect to get nominated so early in the build, but I'm very happy with it :)

Good luck to the other nominees! Kier got my vote with his awesome Creeper build :)
OrangeClockwerk 1st April 2014, 12:19 Quote
A lot of nice work here this month! My votes are in =D
Boorach 2nd April 2014, 11:59 Quote
Really high standard of nominees this month. Well done to you all.
mandy_modded 4th April 2014, 10:47 Quote
Minions Mod, simply because it's FUN & awesomely done
Wonky 4th April 2014, 11:30 Quote
Good luck to all modders! ;)

Tough choice this month but had to go with the minions mod myself.
Maki role 4th April 2014, 12:01 Quote
Really interesting month this one, glad we have multiple votes actually. Went for Project 720 (that midplate design is just NSFW) and G5 Yufi (so clean and very much in keeping with the Apple aesthetic) this time round. Some really great stuff on show though.
kier 4th April 2014, 12:35 Quote
thanks for the nomination and votes. good luck yall
Kovoet 4th April 2014, 12:39 Quote
Good luck everyone you are all winners in my eyes but voting done
mnpctech 4th April 2014, 15:33 Quote
Really Great choices this month, and Good luck everybody!
bulldogjeff 4th April 2014, 17:03 Quote
:(Normally when I look at MOTM, one or two jump out at me straight away. This month they all did. It may be a case of close my eyes and click away till 2 get voted for at random.
0liveO1 5th April 2014, 16:39 Quote
Awesome work here ! Good luck to all contestants ;)
flame696 5th April 2014, 17:32 Quote
great work by everyone

voted for minecraft creeper which just beat my 2nd choice minion
sotu1 6th April 2014, 14:58 Quote
The Minion easily. Pretty sure that one is Dave.
imersa 8th April 2014, 20:51 Quote
voted! great work!
XTSX 16th April 2014, 13:09 Quote
Oooh ! Thank you Bit-Tech.
It is an honor for me !
Meelobee 17th April 2014, 18:25 Quote
Congrats Ronnie :)
Zsolt Guriga 19th April 2014, 01:01 Quote
Congrats Ronnie & Meelobee;)
Ronnie Hara 30th April 2014, 11:16 Quote
Many thanks to bit-tech and everyone who voted for me. always an honor to participate in this wonderful forum.
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