Mod of the Month October 2013

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Hukkel 28th November 2013, 09:39 Quote
Thank you very much for entering my project in the poll for october.
I am honoured
Sassanou 28th November 2013, 10:28 Quote
Opteron Prime for me !!!!! :)
Ianovski 28th November 2013, 10:32 Quote
Thanks a lot! I'm honored to have my project in this list! :D
keenan 28th November 2013, 10:36 Quote
Originally Posted by Ianovski
Thanks a lot! I'm honored to have my project in this list! :D

Love your build Ianovski!
k.3nny 28th November 2013, 10:36 Quote
Voted Opteron and Kyubu :)
skyrip 28th November 2013, 10:38 Quote
simple desision, voted for the build that has my south bridge block :)
cant wait to see it finished hukkel
humanityBG 28th November 2013, 10:59 Quote
Opteron Prime F T W!
Phame 28th November 2013, 11:05 Quote
The large the amount of waterblocks the better in my opinion, great mods well done all that got nominated.
Almightyrastus 28th November 2013, 11:48 Quote
Has to be Opteron Prime for me as well. Been thinking of a 'shut the ### up' server mod myself for some time, just need to find the right one to work on.
Boorach 28th November 2013, 13:39 Quote
Once again congratulations to everyone nominated. All six builds are fantastic and deserving of the MOTM spotlight. Have voted for two of my favourite builds which I have been enjoying following over the last few months so Kyubu and OPTERON PRIME have my votes.
Meelobee 28th November 2013, 13:57 Quote
Congrats on the nominations guys! All six builds are great!
enciem 28th November 2013, 17:53 Quote
Originally Posted by keenan
Originally Posted by Ianovski
Thanks a lot! I'm honored to have my project in this list! :D

Love your build Ianovski!

Nice to see someone make use of Noctua's strange choice for fan colours. Great looking beyond that as well, of course
Boddaker 28th November 2013, 22:40 Quote
Thanks Bit-tech for the nomination! It's a bit of a surprise considering how spotty I've been with the updates as of late, but appreciated none the less. :) Congrats to the other projects and best of luck!
PeteA 28th November 2013, 22:50 Quote
Opteron Prime gets my vote!!
CampGareth 28th November 2013, 23:22 Quote
Opteron Prime gets my vote, thinking of building a similar system myself (well, 2 socket Intel but close enough :P) as I keep running out of power for video encoding. Systems like that are hellishly expensive and multi-graphics card support is rare (not mentioned in the description so idk whether he's gonna try that or just make an awesome server). The bravery required to mod a £5k+ box... congratulations to that guy!

*edit* oh and how much did it actually cost? £3000 for 20 Intel ivybridge cores @ 3GHz doesn't seem great (that's CPUs alone... yeah) but can a 64 core AMD system beat it?
OrangeClockwerk 29th November 2013, 22:55 Quote
Wow I just saw this! Thanks for the nomination and anyone who votes for me. Thanks Bit-tech! Good luck to everyone!!
Mosquito 30th November 2013, 05:27 Quote
Thanks for the nomination! Truly honored. So many good mods in this one, all projects I've been watching already!
imersa 1st December 2013, 11:33 Quote
Voted for Kyubu myself. Enjoyed that one :)
Asouter 1st December 2013, 16:51 Quote
Great mods everyone, really hard to chose just one I like them all. Gone for Cosmos Cruiser, Opteron and Kyubu.

Doesn't mean I don't like the others though they all look great :)
N!ck 6th December 2013, 22:43 Quote
Wow that's a lot of kick-ass modding projects! Voting for Cosmos Cruizer, Grey Matter and OPTERON PRIME.

PS Why is Close Quarters marked as made by Furball Zen??? Worklog states sebar as an author, is this a typo or what??? (
sebar 7th December 2013, 02:04 Quote
Mod of the month nomination, this is great. There must be a typo because I am the modder behind Close Quarters. :?

It is nice to see my mod being nominated for mod of the month. I am truly humbled to be in the presents of some great modders. ;)
Hukkel 15th December 2013, 18:18 Quote
So..... the poll is closed now?
OrangeClockwerk 15th December 2013, 18:28 Quote
Yeah it closed on the 12th. Congrats on the win Hukkel!
Hukkel 15th December 2013, 18:36 Quote
Originally Posted by OrangeClockwerk
Yeah it closed on the 12th. Congrats on the win Hukkel!

Sorry, since there wasn't a reply from a moderator or something similar I didn't know if it was finished yet.

Thank you for your kind words sir. I have been following every update of your project myself. It was a heavy competition for october for sure!
Boddaker 17th December 2013, 07:22 Quote
Congrats on the win Hukkel, well deserved! It's always an honor just to be nominated, so thank you Bit-Tech. And thanks also to everyone who voted. Great round-up of projects this month. :)
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